Mike Rodgers is the rare artist/musician who knows exactly what he wants: "I want to make my own music and go on tour singing it for everyone." His first experience with music was when he has a kid growing up in the small town of Hermitage, Pennsylvania. He started honing his skills right out of the gate. "I've been in and around music my entire life" says Mike. "From as young as I can remember, my siblings and myself were taking piano lessons and performing at recitals. We were also part of a local chorus group that performed a big concert once a year. On top of all that, I can still remember standing next to my dad in the church choir belting out the songs as loud as I could."

Although the piano was his first instrument, he had his sights on something else, and in 2002 he bought his first guitar. "At some point I really wanted to learn the guitar" remembers Mike. "I just thought it was something that was really cool so I kept telling my mom that I wanted one. Eventually I convinced her to take me down to the local music store and we bought my first guitar. It was an electric that came with an amp." Noting later that he regrets selling it when he needed money he still holds onto his acoustic guitar that he bought in 10th grade.

Later, Mike attended college at Gannon University in Erie, PA, graduating with a degree in Philosophy. He then moved to Pittsburgh where he wrote and recorded his first EP Down For The Taking. "I like that EP a lot because it's such a contrast of where I am now, emotionally and musically" says Mike. "My later albums are definitely more Country and Pop influenced."

Mike moved to Nashville in 2012. "I thought I needed to be here. And, to be honest I wanted to. I came to visit and just knew that this was a good place for me to take my career to the next level" he says. One of his favorite bands is the Goo Goo Dolls. "The late 90's pop was a huge influence for me. It's still my favorite genre to this day." It is no doubt that this has influenced his own writing. Written, recorded, and produced by Mike in his home studio, he released the self titled album 'Mike Rodgers' in 2014. A blend of Pop and Country music the album shadows artists like the Goo Goo Dolls of the late 90's and todays country music star Keith Urban. "My favorite song on the album is 'Where My Heart Belongs.' Its a song I wrote in honor of my mother who passed away from cancer in 2013. It was a tough year. A lot of those emotions fueled the energy for this album."

Throughout his time in Nashville he has performed at Venues such as Tequila Cowboy, Baileys, Hotel Preston, Rock Bottom Brewery and the Commodore Grille to name a few. He also toured extensively in 2016 visiting 25 cities on a national tour. His music has been featured on 103.7 FM and 107.1 FM Radio Free Nashville, as well as 89.9 FM in Knoxville on the Blue Plate Special. Two of his songs, "So We Run" and "Things I've Never Understood" were featured on the soundtrack for the 2012 film Secrets in the Snow by Every New Day Pictures. 

Three years since his self-titled album release, Mike released a new single on January 6, 2018. "It felt like it was forever since I released anything" he says. "It probably looked like I wasn't writing for a while. But the truth is I didn't write anything I felt compelled to release." The track title "She Is the Best" is an anthem to love and a tribute to Mike's love of 90's pop music. 

On November 23, 2018, Mike released his third studio album to a sold out crowd at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA with fellow songwriter Judy Kasper. The album is entitled Call Me Innocent, and the title track was written on the road at a hotel in Indianapolis during Mike's first national tour. "Every song I write, whether autobiographical or not, becomes a part of me as I perform them. I love this new album and was very excited to release it for my fans."


Mike is currently writing and performing shows on his Facebook page and his YouTube channel. 


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